GPs can offer a faecal immunochemical (FOBT) test every 2 years to people aged 45-49 who request it
Around 1 in 11 (9%) of Australian’s diagnosed with bowel cancer are under the age of 50
June is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month
Bowel cancer claims the lives of 103 Australians every week (5,375 people a year)

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 Fee Schedule

Bulk Billing for uninsured patients, No Gap for insured patients

As of January 2021,

  • Consultation fees
    • Initial consultation is charged at $195 dollars ($185 if you have a Government issued Pension or Healthcare Card). Medicare will reimburse $134.30 on all consultation costs. The medicare claim will be submitted by us, at the time of your consultation. The rebate will be paid directly into your bank account, usually within 24-48 hours of your appointment.
    • There is NO OUT OF POCKET expense for subsequent consultation(s) if required.
  • Procedures
    • Private procedures
      • If you have private health insurance, I participate in the NO GAP Schemes of all Health Funds.
        • This means I will bill your health insurance directly and there is NO OUT-OF POCKET EXPENSE, outside of your insurance excess (if applicable to your policy) that is paid to your insurer.
      • If you do not have private health insurance, but have elected to go private there is a one-off facility fee charged by the private hospital. This charge is nothing to do with me, and I have no control over it.
        • This covers the costs of staff and equipment for the chosen private hospital/day surgery unit you attend.
        • This is not covered by Medicare, but it will be the only out of pocket expense for your procedure.
        • Facility fees (set by private hospitals) for colonoscopy and gastroscopy approximate 350-400 dollars and 150 dollars respectively.
    • Public hospital procedures will not incur any costs. However, waiting list times apply, and for non-urgent procedures, can be up to 1-year.
  • Anaesthetist
    • All our doctors work with anaesthetists that also participate in NO GAP arrangements with private health insurers.
  • Pathology charges
    • Most pathology investigations are bulk-billed for my patients. It is recommended that you attend Sullivan Nicholades for your pathology to ensure this billing arrangement is followed. Some patients are surprised when they get a pathology invoice, but this is generally because they have attended a different facility.
    • Occasionally, extra pathology testing is required on samples collected at the time of your procedure, and this may leave a small gap.
    • Should you be sent a bill please notify the GastrocareGC rooms prior to making payment.



Medical Certificates

  • Notification
    • Where possible please notify reception staff that a medical/carer certificate will be required. Certificates can then be delivered or emailed on the day of your procedure.
    • Please inform staff of full name required on certificate(s), date of birth and dates required away from work/school.
      • Certificates can be requested via email.
  • Patients
    • We are happy to provide medical certificates according to the following:
      • Gastroscopy – day of procedure.
      • Colonoscopy – day of preparation, day of procedure and day after procedure.
        NB: in most instances people will be fine to return to work/school the day after procedure.
      • Endoscopic ultrasound – day of procedure.
      • Capsule endoscopy – day of procedure only.
    • If you require anything different to this, please contact our rooms.
  • Carers
    • All our doctors are happy to provide carer certificates for the day of procedures only, unless special circumstances exist.



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