GPs can offer a faecal immunochemical (FOBT) test every 2 years to people aged 45-49 who request it.

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GastrocareGC requires that patients who have tested positive to COVID, do not have their procedure for 4 weeks from their positive test date. This applies to all locations.

Any patients who have returned to Australia from overseas within the previous 14 days are required to contact the facility which they are attending, to see if there are any requirements specific to that location.




 Fee Schedule

Bulk Billed procedures for uninsured patients, No Gap for insured patients


  • Consultation fees (valid from 1 January 2023)
    • Initial consultation is charged at $250 dollars ($220 if you have a Government issued Pension or Healthcare Card). Medicare will reimburse approximately $150 of this. The medicare claim will be submitted by us at the time of your consultation. The rebate will be paid directly into your bank account, usually within 24-48 hours of your appointment.
    • Subsequent consultations are charged at $120, and the medicare rebate on this is approximately $80.
  • Procedures

Public hospital procedures will not incur any costs. However, waiting list times apply. In order to register to be on the Surgical Waitlist at The Tweed Hospital, patients are required to attend a consultation appointment with the Doctor. This appointment will facilitate the required paperwork, and will cost the patient $185 ($148.00 medicare rebate).

Gastrocaregc has no doctors who service The Gold Coast University Hospital.

Private procedures

  • If you do not have private health insurance, but have elected to go private, there are NO CHARGES FROM GASTROCAREGC DOCTORS. There is however a one-off facility fee charged by the Private facility (Hospital/Day Surgery). This charge has nothing to do with our practice, and we have no control over it.
    • This covers the costs of staff and equipment for the chosen private hospital/day surgery unit you attend.
    • This is not covered by Medicare, but it will be the only out of pocket expense for your procedure.
    • Facility fees (set by private facilities/hospitals) for colonoscopy and gastroscopy approximate $650 and $550 respectively
  • If you have private health insurance, all GastrocareGC doctors participate in the NO GAP Schemes of all Health Funds.
    • This means we will invoice your health insurance directly and there is NO OUT-OF POCKET EXPENSE, outside of your insurance excess (if applicable to your policy) that is paid to your insurer.


PLEASE NOTE Some of our Medical Providers DO NOT offer services to patients without health insurance who elect to pay.




  • Anaesthetist
    • Most do not, but the Anaesthetist for your procedure may charge a GAP. To find out if this appplies to you, please contact either Coast Anaesthetics on 07 5598 0663 or Gold Coast and Tweed Anaesthetic Group on 07 5598 0900.
  • Pathology charges
    • Most pathology investigations are bulk-billed for Gastrocaregc patients. It is recommended that you attend Sullivan Nicholades for your pathology to ensure this billing arrangement is followed. Some patients are surprised when they get a pathology invoice, but this is generally because they have attended a different facility.
    • Occasionally, extra pathology testing is required on samples collected at the time of your procedure, and this may leave a small gap.
    • Should you be sent a bill from Sullivan & Nicholades or Envoi Pathology, please notify the GastrocareGC rooms prior to making payment.



Medical Certificates

  • Notification
    • Where possible please notify reception staff that a medical/carer certificate will be required. Certificates can then be delivered or emailed following your procedure.
    • Please inform staff of full name required on certificate(s), date of birth and dates required away from work/school.
      • Certificates can be requested via email.
  • Patients
    • We are happy to provide medical certificates according to the following:
      • Gastroscopy – day of procedure.
      • Colonoscopy – day of preparation and day of procedure.
        NB: in most instances people will be fine to return to work/school the day after procedure.
      • Endoscopic ultrasound – day of procedure only.
      • Capsule endoscopy – day of procedure only.
    • If you require anything different to this, please contact our rooms.
  • Carers
    • All our doctors are happy to provide carer certificates for the day of procedures only, unless special circumstances exist.



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